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I had been working at the desk all day, with my face buried in the laptop. Jon was starting to get fidgety, I could tell he wanted my attention. After I finished my last bit of work I looked over at him, “Hey, who is your best little desk slut?” I asked. I was stripping out my clothes and motioning him over to me. Pulling his cock toward my mouth, I knew the best way to make up with him for ignoring him all day. I took his dick into my mouth and sucked it along the entire shaft to tip. He got hard right away. Now I had a stiff dick to play with, my favorite! “You wanna fuck me doggie style?” I asked as I turned around and bent over the chair. I offered my ass up to him, expecting him to lean forward and sink his throbbing meat into my pussy right away. But he didn’t! What a pussy tease! After making me wait, finally he eased the length of his long dick into my juicy, waiting hole. God it felt so good! I was moaning loudly already and rocking my hips back onto his cock. Grinding my pussy walls against him. After an entire day of waiting for sex, Jon’s cum was ready to burst! He pulled out of my pussy and laid his cock across my butt. “Oh yeah, cum on my ass” I said, pushing my butt further in the air. Within seconds I could feel drops of cum falling over my butt. The perfect way to finish a long day in front of the computer!

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My girlfriend Kelli has always been curious about my website and taking nude pictures and videos. She has always asked me tons of questions about how it all worked. One day at the loft Kelli saw my cameras sitting out on the kitchen counter. I saw her eyes light up. “Would you like to film me today?” I asked with a grin. She nodded yes. I showed her how to switch on the camcorder and stood back. I started to strip out of my clothes right there in the kitchen. Luckily I had also left a toy out on the counter after washing it. How handy! I reached over and grabbed it, leaning back on one of the chairs. Kelli was smiling from behind the camera. “It’s all about me!” she said as we both laughed. Twisting the base of the vibrator to turn it on, I was shocked at how strong it was! I rubbed it over my clit and squealed in delight. Kelli moved and crouched on her knees so she could get a better view with the camcorder. I slipped the g spot dildo deep inside my excited little pussy. “Mmm hmm” Kelli hummed as I moaned louder and louder. I think she was as turned on as I was! Hearing her so hot from watching me made me crazy! I could feel a gush of juices flow from my pussy hole and down over my ass. All creamy and hot. Harder and faster I pounded the vibrator into my pussy. They don’t call this thing a g spot toy for nothing, let me tell ya! It was hitting me in all the right places. And within minutes I was screaming out, “Ohhhh yeah!!” and cumming all creamy and white from my little pink cunt. One orgasm wasn’t going to be enough. I worked my way onto the floor and kneeled on all fours. Kelli got behind me with the camera, pointing its lens right at my ass and pussy. The buzz of the vibe was so strong! My cum still gooey around my tight hole, I pounded my pussy faster and faster. I needed to cum again and nothing was going to stop me. Harder, faster, in and out while the vibration hit my g spot over and over. Yes!! Another huge screaming orgasm right there on the kitchen floor. I love this toy!! Kelli made fun of me, “You love the toy, you want to marry it!” But don’t worry, I got back at her with another toy very soon.

Kelli and I were spending a day out on our friend’s boat this summer. The weather was perfect with a light breeze and lots of sun. The boat had a cabin with a little bed, and being the horny girls we are, Kelli and I looked at each other and laughed as soon as we saw it. We were both thinking dirty thoughts! As the day went on, that bed started to look more and more inviting. We were stripped down to our panties and tops when we decided to go “down below” to have some girl on girl fun. Starting with some passionate, soft kisses, Kelli and I teased each other silly. Giddy from our day of fun in the sun (and a few drinks hehe) we were giggling and licking one another all over. I didn’t waste any time getting to Kelli’s sweet pussy. Mmmm her tender clit and cunt lips felt so good on my mouth. She squirmed and moaned, loving every moment as she bit her lip and grabbed at her tits. She was trying not to scream out with the pleasure, but it wasn’t working very well. Her cries and squeals of delight were definitely loud enough for other people to hear, but I lied and told her to scream away. I just wanted her to cum on my face. I’m bad haha! Next it was my turn for some licking and teasing on my slit from Kelli’s hot, soft mouth. She just moved my little panties to the side and started working my clit over with her tongue as she lightly tapped on my ass and pussy with her fingers. Flicking my clit over and over again with her firm tongue, Kelli had me moaning in no time. This girl is a master with her tongue! She worked my pussy so expertly I knew I would cum very quickly. And I did! We spent the entire afternoon fooling around in the cabin of the boat. We couldn’t beat the heat, so we made some of our own right there on the water!

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